Friday, January 9, 2015

Day Seven: Home

Dear journal,
The way back home isn't as tough, although we are itching to get home. We haven't done much for the past few weeks that we have been at sea. The sea has been calm, and every night I have been restless, thinking about Elisabeth. I have been gone for so long, I lost count.
Days go by, and then weeks. All we've seen is blue water, and it is getting old. Rat hunting is getting old, and there aren't anymore rats to hunt. Weevils live in our biscuits, and the food is not the best.
"Land!Land!" yells George and we all drag ourselves over. George has been seeing things for the past few days. But, for some reason, there was a piece of glass floating in the water. Home was soon to be in my future.
We traveled for 2 - 3 hours till we saw home. The decks were empty. All I heard was a lady screaming something, but I couldn't make out what she was saying. Then I saw Elisabeth. I stopped dead in my tracks. Elisabeth was slowly sinking to the ocean floor. The water was turning red, and I didn't know what was happening. I walked across the ship staring at where Elisabeth was. I got to the end of the ship and jumped over the side. People called my name but I ignored them. I swam over to her and held my breathe. I sank down and helped myself by pushing the water up. I grabbed hold of her swimming up with her in my arms. I heard other people jumping in just as I came up. I gasped for air and people helped me and Elisabeth. We climbed up the rope and got onto the ship.
 Faith was cleaning Elisabeth's forehead, where she was wounded. The scrape was still gushing blood, and she was unconscious. Soon, she came back. She stopped looking around as soon as she saw me. We got to the dock, and we got off together. Faith had wrapped her head in a cloth, since we didn't have bandages. We walk home, holding hands and I start to tell her about my journey, and then I reach behind my back, which I had hiding from her the whole time, and and showed her a parrot.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Day Six: Not Much

Dear Journal,
We steer over to land and we get off. The captain jumps off the ship before we get all the way. He drops to his knees and kisses the ground. Once the rest of the crew gets off, we walk onto the land. It felt good to be on land. Suddenly, people come out of the bushes. Indians! We decide to try to trade with them. They gave us hammocks, colorful parrots, and a necklace with a gold necklace. Jack got the necklace and we all get the hammocks and parrots. We take the first Indians we see and get back on the ship. They say there isn't any gold, so we head out.

Day Five: Land!

Dear journal,
We have made more supply and navigation checks and we seem to be okay. We have traveled for weeks and we are getting tired. We have no damage from the storm a few days ago, and everybody is healthy, but tired.
To keep us occupied, we sing songs, gamble, and go rat hunting. The games never get old for some reason. James and John start to argue over who got the rat, and they start fighting. Captain breaks them apart and they give each other stink eye. We decide to call it a day and head over to over rope coils.
I'm the first to get up and I lean on the side of the ship, staring at the horizon. Suddenly I spot A dark figure n the distance. I squint and try to make out what it was.
"LAND! LAND!" I yell at the top of my lungs. Within seconds, the whole crew is pushing each other to see the land. The captain comes over and pats me on the back. I glance over to him and he smiles.