Monday, March 30, 2015

The Beauty Of Flowering Plants

         Flowering plants are very important. They are important to animals, like bees and humans, and they are important to the environment. Flowering plants reproduce by pollen and seeds. The pollen is carried by insects, like bees, or it is blown by the wind from one plant to another. The pollen comes from the stamen and pollen is collected by the pistil.   
          The seed has a little cover, and it is supposed to protect the plant's seed from things in the dirt and things above ground that might hurt the small plant. It is also to help the plant break through the dirt and get closer to the sun's heat.

          According to Fact Monster, Flowering plants can be found in most places, from deserts, to polar regions. Most flowering plants need sun and water, but some, like cacti don't need much water.
             Animals like butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees all help to reproduce new flowering plants. They collect pollen, and then put them into other plants, making a seed that later gets dropped into the ground in a new place. The animals use the pollen for food, and for making food.

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