Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day Four: Still Here

        Dear Journal,
        The storm has finally died down and we all come up from the haul of the Pink Fluffy Unicorn. We check around to see if any damage has occurred the ship. After checking the place around, there was thankfully no damage to anything. We are crossing paths with other ships, and we share news and rumors. Rumor has it that a man from Spain named Malachi got Scurvy and died last night. People are getting sick here and there according to rumors.
        We decide to check our navigation and supplies. Luckily, we are still okay with both. Days and weeks are going by. We are all very worried about if we are ever going to get there. Hayden insists we turn around so we aren't stuck at sea forever. Faith and Abby persuade us into staying. We decide to stay, but we are getting worried. We decide to place rat hunting to get everything off our minds.
        I think about Elisabeth. She is probably missing me as much as I miss her. She is only 4, so she doesn't get that I might not come back. It will break my heart if I die on her.

My Goals For The New Year

My Goals For The New Year

  • Read more books :)
I think I should read more books because it is a good
way to pass time and it is a good ways to help you in
  • Play less video games :(
  • get outside:
  • Do more crafts
  • Take responsibility for chores :(
    • Feeding pets
    • Morning chores
      • making bed
      • get changed
      • brush teeth
  • Watch less T.V :(

How Do I Learn Best

Dear audience,

How do I learn? I am a Visual and Tactile or kinesthetic learner. A visual learner is someone who pictures help them learn, seeing things help me organize my thoughts and remember things, and I think of images or pictures. A Tactile or kinesthetic learner is someone who uses their body, hands and senses of touch to learn new things, writing, drawing and movements help me remember important things, and I like to show what I learned by demonstrating or making projects.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day Three: Week four

        Dear journal,
        The days are getting longer and harder. Captain says we travel 70-80 miles a day, but it feels like 90-100 miles a day. It feels like captain is lying to our faces. It doesn't feel like we can trust captain.
        The days go by and it feels like we are going in circles. We check our navigation, and it is okay. The supplies are doing okay, but rumors say people get caught on fire, people falling off ships, and people getting Scurvy.
        The nights are getting colder, but tonight feels like winter. But it's only Summertime. The wind picks up and the ship sways like a swing. The waves throw us around like a ball and we try to fix the sails, but they are stuck.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day Two: Set Sail

August 1, 1495
Dear journal,

     Today, we are supposed to set sail on the wonderful ship Pink Fluffy Unicorn and starting a new adventure to the "New World" with my team. The smell of the stinky tar filled the salty air. The sails snapped in the cool breeze as we wave to our friends and family, treading that we might not see them again. Tears roll down my face as we untie the rope and the rope falls into the trail of our ship as the wind carries us away in to the long Journey that awaits us.

     The sun is blazing hot and we are sweeping the cool water on the dark wood that sits under our sweaty feet. We are approaching a pit stop and the thought of not getting off so the crew doesn't desert us is playing hopscotch. We are almost to the Azoes islands and we are arguing about getting off or stay on and have a mad crew. John is still trying to talk us into us staying on the ship, but I'm lost in thought about my daughter, Elisabeth who I left in boarding school back in our home town, and she was screaming my name as I walk out the door, head down, forcing myself not to look back.
     "Tania!" John yells at me and I snap to attention. "I asked you a question!"
     "Sure." I said, not knowing what the question was.

     We stop by the islands, but don't get out. Jack tries to out of the boat, but we stopped him in mid-air, breaking his leg when he slams into the bow of the ship, sending him to our surgeon, Faith. We decide to do the supply check because before we left, since there was a rumor that a ship from Spain  was in the middle of the ocean and had weevils in their biscuits. Then we had to check how we were navigation wise. It turned out we were right where we need to be. That's pretty good if I do say so myself.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blog Challenge 1

         Dear audience,
Today I am going to do a blog challenge given by Mr Moore, Ms Chavez, Mr Priester, and Ms Vandervelde. Read more about that challenge here

 I think that the Respiratory System is an Expository text and the Boston Massacre is a narrative non-fiction.

I know the Respiratory System is expository because it is stating facts and has a certain topic. The Boston Massacre is telling a facts through a story that is true and is possible. It also has a main character and the character has wants, a problem and a resolution.

One feature in the Respiratory System is it has subheadings. In the Boston Massacre has characters and a problem.

For reading the Respiratory System, I would be sitting up straight, and writing facts down on a sticky note. With the bloody Massacre, I would sit back and relax with sticky notes to write my thinking about the character.