Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day Four: Still Here

        Dear Journal,
        The storm has finally died down and we all come up from the haul of the Pink Fluffy Unicorn. We check around to see if any damage has occurred the ship. After checking the place around, there was thankfully no damage to anything. We are crossing paths with other ships, and we share news and rumors. Rumor has it that a man from Spain named Malachi got Scurvy and died last night. People are getting sick here and there according to rumors.
        We decide to check our navigation and supplies. Luckily, we are still okay with both. Days and weeks are going by. We are all very worried about if we are ever going to get there. Hayden insists we turn around so we aren't stuck at sea forever. Faith and Abby persuade us into staying. We decide to stay, but we are getting worried. We decide to place rat hunting to get everything off our minds.
        I think about Elisabeth. She is probably missing me as much as I miss her. She is only 4, so she doesn't get that I might not come back. It will break my heart if I die on her.

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  1. I like the name of your ship.I also think you did a good job using the links but I think you should make the link just take you to their Age of Exploration post not their whole blog.