Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blog Challenge 1

         Dear audience,
Today I am going to do a blog challenge given by Mr Moore, Ms Chavez, Mr Priester, and Ms Vandervelde. Read more about that challenge here

 I think that the Respiratory System is an Expository text and the Boston Massacre is a narrative non-fiction.

I know the Respiratory System is expository because it is stating facts and has a certain topic. The Boston Massacre is telling a facts through a story that is true and is possible. It also has a main character and the character has wants, a problem and a resolution.

One feature in the Respiratory System is it has subheadings. In the Boston Massacre has characters and a problem.

For reading the Respiratory System, I would be sitting up straight, and writing facts down on a sticky note. With the bloody Massacre, I would sit back and relax with sticky notes to write my thinking about the character.

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