Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Story

Dear Audience,

Here is a personal story about the time in Scotland.

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He launches my bag over my head. It flies through the air like a plane. I watch it as it glides over my head. It hits the ground with a light thud. I stare at in shock. It was like the world had stopped. Is that, is it, will it, is it broken? My camera! That camera was about $400.00! My brother can't replace it! That would take him ten years! My parents are going to kill him! Since we were in Scotland at the time we couldn't go and get a new one (not that my parents would).  My mom rushes over.
“What happened?” she asks with a worried look on her face.
“George threw my bag and my camera was in there I sob.
“George! mom screams and George rushes over. “Did you throw her bag?”
“Yes.” George says as he bows his head.  He knows that he is in big trouble.
“Daddy…” I say in a scared yet calm voice. I knew this wasn’t going to end well for anyone. “Look at the lens.” He looks back and sighs. The lens is bent inwards toward the middle of the lens. I try to turn it on. The screens is red and in black letters it says, “LENS ERROR!”. My dad examines it.
“The repair will cost a lot!” Dad exclaimed. “George can’t pay for it. He doesn’t have enough money. And why should we pay for it?” I think. What? They won’t replace it? How could they?
“ George is going to get a talking to.” dad says as he reads the camera screen. We start to follow my Uncle B in his car. On the way we had a conversation about consequences. It’s best that he is not in the car so he doesn’t a meltdown.
“I think that George needs to give the iPod back to Tania.” says my mom.
A few months ago I got an ipad mini. So I gave George my iPod. But I guess that was a mistake.
We rode silently for a while as Caroline and I studied the camera. I thought about it for a long time. That camera was $400.00. He shouldn’t have been touching it tn the first place.
“What kind of camera is this?” Caroline asked.
“It’s a Nikon Coolpix L820.” I say with a sigh.
Once we get there Caroline and I were sent off to join the others. I looked back and George was getting yelled at by my parents. A few minutes later George came over to me.
”I’m sorry” he sobbed.
“Thanks. I forgive you.” I lie. This is not going to be fun for him if I can help it. He shouldn’t have had it in the first place. He shouldn’t have even touched it without my permission.
“Guys, lets go and get in line for tickets!” Aunt Elaina shouts over to us and gestures us over to her. We head over and put it behind us. People make mistakes and it’s okay.

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