Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nervous System

Dear Audience,                                                                                                                                  The nervous system is important to you because it helps you survive. The nervous system is a system that carries information through your body. The information might be telling your arm to move or grab something, it can tell you to take your hand away when you touch the hot things, it can grab something quickly, and it can move your body parts very quickly. It moves muscles and receives information from outside of the body. The brain uses your five senses to receive information from outside the body. Your senses are attached to your nervous system. The eyes see things, the nose smells things, the mouth tastes things, and the hands feel things. The nervous system moves your muscles by sending messages to the muscle telling them to contract or relax. Certain parts of the body are completely cared for by your Nervous System. For example, the brain tells your leg to step around the object in your way. The brain works with involuntary muscles by sending messages to your organs telling them to keep working without you telling them to. For example it tells you to breathe, it tells you to walk, and it tells your heart to beat. Your body works every second. If your body didn't work when you slept, you would never wake up because you would of stopped breathing and die in your sleep. The brain is the main part of the nervous system. The brain controls thoughts, movement, and decisions. The brain is attached to your spinal cord and all your nerve cells. The cells make connections as you learn. The nervous system is very important
to your body.

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